Bradley Drive, Hailsham, 2020

Having moved into this, relatively recently built, housing development in 2020 the young family sought to replace the existing disabled lavatory and shower room with a bathroom suited to the needs of the family and young children.

With a reasonably new lavatory already in place it made sense to retain this item and replace the other products within the (at that point) disabled-access shower room. As such, design work incorporated the existing products and identified additional systems which compliment and integrate seamlessly.

Following removal of all of the redundant infrastructure and products along with some adjustment to the existing services, a Carron bath and Tavistock Vanity Unit were installed along with Vado taps and to finish the décor to the clients’ satisfaction: Verona wall tiles in a striking, marbled effect. Here you can view “before”, “during” and “after” completion photographs.